Medico Journalism Intern for a Google Launchpad Digital Health Startup

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₹5,000  per month

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Work from home
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Secondary( 10th Pass)( Preferred)

English( Preferred)

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Flexible schedule
Work from home
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Medico Journalism externship at TheRightDoctors

Who We Are. And What We Are Looking For.
We’re a Google Launchpad Digital Health Product incipiency( Launchpad is Google’s accelerator for launch- ups; we’ve entered USD from them in platform credit, in two tranches, most lately in October 2019 as part of their swell program)
What you see live on our website presently is our content piece( videotape- concentrated) which showcases perceptivity from the Worlds Best Medical Minds to Global Cult.
Under testing and development are our Apps that drive adherence and croaker
– case engagement.
We’ve won three transnational recognitions Google Launchpad, Berlin Bootcamp, Startupnetworkz Singapore( Start- Up of Substance) while still in thepre-alpha phase. We’re also a NASSCOM Show Start- Up.

Skill Set * A high energy personality, a desire to deliver world- class work and an capability to work long hours are crucial survival tools in a incipiency terrain.
* This is an excellent occasion for those who are veritably good at what they do, are ambitious, disciplined, workaholics and tone- motivated.

1. Write crucial takeaways from interviews.
2. Edit reiterations for brevity and pressing headlining diurnal reports from leading medical journals.

paycheck INR 5000 per month with a perk outstanding on completion.

Login immaculately you’re anticipated to log in eight hours every day, six days a week with the inflexibility to choose your hours. You can log in for lower more on a day to day base. redundant hours will be banked.

You’re anticipated to log in 1248 hours for this externship over six months.( longer, if your diurnal login is lower than 8 hours or you have taken leave). One month will be supposed completed on login ofapprox. 200 hours.

Post externship, eligible campaigners will be entering offers on mutually respectable terms.

Timings Flexible, need not be in one stretch.

Note The externship duration will get extended if you take off for examinations extremities. paycheck gets transferred to your account on the 10th of every month as a portioned quantum of the hours logged in till 30th of antedating month.

crucial points

1. We’re a Google Launchpad Digital Health Product incipiency.
2. occasion to work with ERP grade Zoho One Suite of 45 apps for operations. Process and protocol driven, mirroring the stylish assiduity practices. You’ll be getting certified software worth INR 5000 per month piecemeal from grueling systems.
3. Small platoon. Only one subcaste between you and the CEO. Culture Innovation mindset. Fix miscalculations, not people.
4. Be part of the coming big occasion Digital Health, now a public precedence.
5. ferocious live work terrain. Team driven.
6. Fantastic literacy occasion. Apply if you’re smart, hardworking and if you suppose you’re great at what you do.
7. Apply only if Work, Learn, Eat, Sleep, reprise is your credo at this point in your life.
8. Research and learning antecede perpetration. We like to validate everything. Our mantra the stylish way to learn is to educate others in the platoon.
9. still, this is the place to be, If you harbour entrepreneurial dreams.

We’re looking for substantiation of exceptional capability from campaigners who are empty and hard working.

Apply if what you have applied for is your idea of fun, not work. Don’t apply if you’re looking for a work- life balance.

Accelerate your preparedness for the real world. And snare an occasion to work in a real- life incipiency terrain. Mind- deadening. Back- breaking. Not for the faint- hearted.

Yet fun and largely satisfying in its own way if you’re ready for it.

Are you?

IMP Apply only if you’re sure about completing the externship.

Apply by clicking on the link below ONLY if the points mentioned over are respectable.
Registration Link https//

You’ll admit an assignment correspondence from HR after you register. Please check your spam/ elevations brochure if you don’t find the same in your inbox.

Outliers will be eligible for performance lagniappes depending on the overall business terrain and company outlook.

Job Type externship
Contract length 6 months

payment ₹ 5000 per month


Flexible schedule
Work from home

Flexible shift
Supplemental Pay

Performance perk
COVID- 19 considerations
All guests are needed to wear a mask, common shells are sanitised, vaccination conditions, remote externship openings,etc.


Secondary( 10th Pass)( Preferred)

total work 1 year( Preferred)

English( Preferred)

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