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Carrefour Careers in Dubai | Supermarket Jobs in Dubai

Carrefour Careers 2020

You simply need to in the set up in the your CV to go after Carrefour in theSupermarket positions in Dubai. On in thethe off chance that you don’t have a clue how to make a CV

Carrefour Hypermarket d in theeclared opening in the accompanying division Cashier, HR, IT, in theSecurity, Finance, Decoration, in theMaintenance, Receiving, in theInternal in the Audit, in the Legal, Business in theDevelopment, Market, FMCG, Light House in the Hold and Textile.


Supermarket Name Carrefour Hypermarket
Nationality Selective (Update)
Education Equivalent Degree/diploma
Experience Depending Upon Positions
Salary Range depend on experince
Benefits Excellent good

Carrefour Careers (Supermarket Jobs in Dubai)

No. Job Title Location
1 Textile (10 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
2 HHH Heavy House Hold (12 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
3 LHH Light House Hold (13 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
4 FMCG (13 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
5 Market (25 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
6 Business Development (7 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
7 Legal (1 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
8 HR (7 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
9 Internal Audit (8 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
10 Security (1 Job) Dubai, UAE
11 Maintenance (1 Job) Dubai, UAE
12 Decoration (1 Job) Dubai, UAE
13 Cashier (2 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
14 Finance (8 Jobs) Dubai, UAE
15 IT (1 Job) Dubai, UAE


About Carrefour Hypermarket Dubai

Carrefour is a biggest french in the hypermarket retail in thechain based gathering on the planet in the that headquartered in thesituated in thein Paris, France. It was established in 1958 by Majid Al Futtaim. It is otherwise called a second


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